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Patron Minisode Teaser

Alright everybody.  Last week we released a sample of a full episode that is given monthly to Patrons only, and today we are releasing to everyone a sample minisode that is released every other week to Patrons only.  On these minisodes, we are a lot more relaxed and generally just have a really good time recording.  So, enjoy this bonus sample of what becoming a Patron gives you.  And, then if you can, please go over to and take a look at the different tiers we have to offer as well as the different benefits you receive with each tier.  If you will, consider becoming one of our Patrons, and help us to improve and continue the show.  As said before, we give you completely ad-free episodes, and as such all expenses that are involved in creating and releasing, as well as improving (we just purchased $150.00 worth of sound isolating mats…hope you can tell an improvement in the audio quality!) our podcast comes directly out of our pockets.  And it really does get and is expensive, and we are not wealthy by any means.  So, if you can, please consider supporting this labor of love.

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