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Orange Is The New Black and Vaginoplasty

Wow….this one is a doosie y’all.  We start out this week with a douchebag school shooter, and then we go down a twisted path into the life of one very disturbed Robert Black.  Robert Black was one that I needed a bath after researching, so strap in in for this one.  Also, our new website is now live.  Go to to see it.  There you are able to directly get in touch with us, learn a little backstory about us, and listen or subscribe to all of our episodes.  Please get in touch with us and give us some feedback, or suggestions.  We have not heard from any of our listeners, and we really do want to.  Also, stop by our Patreon page and consider supporting our show so that we can keep it ad free.  There are three tiers to choose from, each with really cool perks.  Our first Patron only episode is up but until we get some patrons, we will not post any more.  Once we do get our first patron, we will actively post new ones as per the schedule.  Thanks to everyone that listens.  We love and appreciate each and every one of you.  Also, PLEASE rate and/or REVIEW us….that is the only way for our show to get shown to others so they can also listen.

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