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Your hosts, Stan & Jeru

Hey, we are Stan and Jeru, and we are thrilled you stopped by

We are your truly, unique true crime podcast.  What do we mean by that?  Well, glad you asked.  You see, Bad In The Boondocks is hosted by a father and son duo that share a passion for both podcasting and true crime.  We also are truly from a SMALL town with a population of less than 500.  We are also truly southern, and believe in family and southern hospitality.  It is in saying this that we hope that you will give our podcast a shot and that soon we can call you part of our growing family!


Our Background

Well, as you already know, my son and I are part of a tiny town with not much to do, when your closest fast food restaurant is over 20 minutes away.  I have really been into podcasts for a while now, and I have been into true crime since I was ten.  To my pleasure, my son, whom is now 18, has also adopted these two passions as his own.  Our father/son relationship has always been one to be envied and has grown over the years.  To kill the time and to fill the void of our "back in the sticks" lives, we took the plunge and started our own podcast!  It was definitely not easy and continues to be a challenge, but one that we fully intend to embrace.